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Cranbrook Traffic Control

Servicing Cranbrook, Kimberley, and surrounding areas.

How do I control this traffic?

Road Construction…Bridge Repair…Telecommunications; the list is endless for situations that involve Controlling traffic. If you have any one of these jobs starting, call Cold Country Towing & Traffic Control. We can provide safe reliable traffic control services for any situation.

Our flaggers here at Cold Country Towing & Traffic Control are BCCSA Certified and specially trained to guide traffic safely through all worksites. In combination with our towing services we have been able to train our staff for emergency sites and accident situations. We can dispatch Emergency traffic control services within minutes of the call.

I need a traffic plan to obtain a permit, what do I do?

Just give us the particulars of the job and we can provide you with a detailed MOT acceptable traffic control plan. Our plans are clear, concise and easy to understand.

Fundraising event with a low budget, how can we afford traffic control?

Do you have a special event coming up that you need traffic control for? We can also supply flaggers for community events such as races, parades, and community celebrations.

Would you like to see our services first hand? Come out to any community event we volunteer our services for; our high quality service is the same no matter the situation or event.

When you need safe reliable traffic control call Cold Country Towing & Traffic Control @ 250-426-3680 and ask for Miki.